Five Daughters Bakery - Atlanta

Join Our Team

We believe working together as a team best achieves our goals and provides the highest level of service for our customers. By working as a team, we compliment strengths, build trust, and promote a positive environment. 


Sales Team

Our Sales Team works the storefronts to interact with our customers and provide quality service. We want our Sales Team to exude positivity, honor one another, and bring light into the community.



Baking and Decorating Team

Our Baking and Decorating Team works to produce our pastries fresh each morning. Bakers fry the donuts and bake cookies and croissant products. Decorators add the finishing touches to the doughnuts by infusing and topping each flavor. We aim for our kitchen have creative individualism, while still reaching a common goal as a team.



Dough and Prep Team

Our Dough and Prep Teams work throughout the day to prepare our flavor components and test new products. The Dough Team works on a rolling basis to create our three day croissant dough. At the same time, the Prep Team produces house-made creams, glazes, toppings, and pastry batters. These teams work together in a fast-paced, harmonious setting that allows the rest of the bakery to be successful. 



Line Cook Team

Our Line Cook Team has experience in the food industry and culinary knowledge of flavors and techniques. Using the finest ingredients, the team prepares our cafe menu of breakfast and lunch items, with staple offerings and seasonal specials. This group works closely together to develop new creative and savory delicacies that help our kitchen to stand out from other cafés.